A resident of Indiana, dismembered lover, I could apply his remains on the BBQ

A resident of Indiana, dismembered lover, I could apply his remains on the BBQ

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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Indiana USA

34-year-old Kelly Cochran of Indiana, who introduced her husband Jason with a lethal dose of heroin before smother him with a pillow, it may be guilty in 9 deaths. Moreover, investigators suspect sentenced to life a resident of Indiana fed the remains of his lover unsuspecting neighbors during a barbecue.

28 and 29 may, the TV channel Investigation Discovery will show a documentary “Dead North” in 2 parts. It tells the story of the Kelly Cochran, as it sees the former chief of police of the town of Iron river (Michigan) Laura Frizzoto which this terrible case came in October 2014, after disappeared Chris Regan.

“Two women on opposite sides of the law. A frightening story. #DeadNorth premiere may 28”.

At that time, the main suspects in the disappearance of the men held the couple Cochran. Police found out that Chris was having an affair with Kelly. That’s why she was considered the last person who could see him. But the investigation did not move from the dead point until February of 2016 at Hobart (state of Indiana) died Jason Cochran — supposedly from a drug overdose. However, the examination showed that it was murder.

Жительница Индианы, расчленившая любовника, могла подать его останки на барбекюKelly Cochran: Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Kelly later admitted that he was an accomplice in the murder of Chris, as the couple agreed to “destroy” anyone who would interfere with their marriage. Luring man to his home, Cochrane shot him, dismembered the body and took it into the woods.

But Kelly decided to kill himself husband to avenge the death of her lover. She confessed to both crimes and was sentenced first to life imprisonment for the murder of Chris, and then back to 65 years in prison for strangling her husband.

However, Investigation Discovery plans to talk about a new, even more horrifying details to this story. Brother Kelly Cochran considers his sister a real serial killer.

In a press release, the channel said Laura Frizzo which the city was exempted from duties of the chief of police, said the case is not completed. According to her words, Kelly admitted that she has other “friends” buried in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Minnesota. Who are these people and where their remains, is unknown.

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