A resident of Ohio bitten to death by her own German dogs

Жительницу Огайо загрызли насмерть ее собственные немецкие доги

Ohio state police said that the woman who died in Clercine, was killed with his own great Dane.

It is reported that 49-year-old Mary Matthews (Mary Matthews) was found in her house dead. Police have determined that the American woman was attacked by her own dogs. The report says that Matthew was multiple cuts and stab wounds in the lower half of her body from the teeth. The investigators also found two “large but thin” dogs in the back of the house and around the house was scattered with bloody clothes.

The police called the husband of the deceased mark Matthews when he couldn’t reach her. He himself had previously bitten one of the dogs, on his shoulder there’s a mark from your dog’s teeth. Matthews said that could fend off the dog, but his wife was too small. He also said that the couple rescued two dogs several years ago, and the woman wanted them to leave.

The police report said that the woman, who suffered from alcoholism may not realize the seriousness of their injuries and tried to change. Most likely, she died from loss of blood.