A resident of Oregon wants to get away from Starbucks 10 thousand dollars for the wrong milk

Житель Орегона хочет получить от Starbucks 10 тысяч долларов за неправильное молоко

A man from Oregon has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, claiming a compensation of 10 thousand after the Barista poured his coffee the wrong type of milk.

Max Sher (Max Scher) said that he is allergic to all nut and dairy products. He said he ordered a soy latte, but argues that instead, the Barista gave him coffee with almond milk, that’s why cher was in the hospital.

The incident occurred in may last year at Starbucks on the beach Janzen. Sher said that he regularly tells the Barista that he’s allergic to nuts and dairy products. He said he did not feel the difference in taste that day, but immediately felt the effect. He took drugs, but they have not helped, and he had to go urgently to the hospital.

Sher says he understands the possibility of error, however, wants to be reimbursed for medical expenses.

Service the environmental health of Multnomah County claims that the company could actually be held liable for negligence.