A sex offender is attempting to remove a collégienne 14 years of age

Un délinquant sexuel tente d'enlever une collégienne de 14 ans

The events took place Thursday morning at Sarlat, in Dordogne.

Around 7: 00 in the morning, a student of 14 years old was alone in front of the college de la Boétie when she was subjected to a kidnapping attempt.

A motorist has tried forcing her into his car. But the victim struggled and screamed, alerting passers-by. The offender then had to let go and take flight.

The police, alerted, were quickly found myself in the vehicle of the suspect near the lycée Pré de Cordy, and thanks to the mother of a friend of the teenager, who has photographed the car at the time of the assault.

The man, 57-year-old, was apprehended 2 hours later and placed in custody. This fifty-year-old, currently training at the lycée Pré de Cordy, deny the facts.

The phone of the girl has not been found. But the kidnapper has confessed to have snatched the phone and then be rid of them, without remembering where exactly.

The suspect has already been convicted 20 years ago of “sexual assault”.