A sign from above: Theresa may stuck in the car before meeting with Angela Merkel (video)

Знак свыше: Тереза Мэй застряла в машине перед встречей с Ангелой Меркель (видео)

In the car of the Prime Minister, Theresa may, arrived in Berlin to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for talks on Brexit, the door buckled. A spokeswoman for the welcoming of the staff vainly pulled the door handle several times. Then she came to the aid of sitting in the front seat guard may.

Merkel all this time, patiently and calmly waiting, standing in front of the car on the red carpet.

Finally the door managed to open and may came out.

The British TV channel Sky News, referring to the debate about whether Britain out of the EU, released a video with the headline: “the Prime Minister is forced to stay… In the car.”

Many netizens and journalists have generally considered it a sign. “How Theresa may could leave the EU if she is unable to go, even in your car?”, they asked.

And remembered the words of the British politician Michael Gove, who was an active supporter of Brexit. In 2016, before the referendum, he said that if Britain remains in the EU, it will be like “hostage, locked in the back seat of the car.”

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