A study recommends that wait a year between the two pregnancies to reduce the risk

Une étude recommande d’attendre un an entre deux grossesses pour réduire les risques

Wait for less than twelve months between two pregnancies can lead to risks to the mother and the unborn child, says a study.

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Twelve months. This is the minimum duration that should be observed between two pregnancies to reduce the risk. A study, published in the Journal of the american medical Association (Jama), was based on nearly 150,000 cases of pregnant women between 2004 and 2014.

It concludes that in below a year, the risks for the mother and the unborn child – serious complications, miscarriage, stillbirth or death in the first year, baby’s weight is extremely low or extremely premature – and greatly increase. The interval is based on the birth of the first child and the conception of the second.

59% of risk in addition to give birth prematurely

For women aged 20-34 years in which the interval was 6 months, premature birth, spontaneous increase of 59% compared to those who have waited 18 months between two pregnancies.

In women older than 35 years, the rate of mortality (or serious morbidity) is doubled in the case of pregnancies at intervals of 6 months, compared to those separated for 18 months.

Unlike other countries such as the United States, France has not developed official recommendations. The world health Organization (WHO) recommends a deadline of at least 24 months.

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