A terrible revenge Papa-con: the Offender’s daughter was killed, leaving three orphaned children

Жуткая месть папаши-зэка: Рецидивист убил дочь, оставив сиротами троих детей

A horrible murder occurred on 10 February evening in the city Ovidiopol of Odessa region. According to the police brutally stabbed 35-year-old Hope B. – a mother of three children.

The tragedy occurred near the pump room on crossing of streets of Suvorov and the Cathedral. The woman who came by car to meet with his father, was brutally stabbed to death. Tried twice, also serving a sentence for murder, father struck daughter multiple stab wounds.

To escape the killer did not and surrendered to police. Became known the details of a horrible crime. It turns out that while dad was in prison, Hope told the police his brother — because of the beatings. That was prosecuted. And the father, that is, lived “on concepts” and a denunciation to the police was considered unacceptable. Even from prison he threatened his daughter, he’d kill her when you’re free. Freed from prison and killed the daughter. The woman was married, raised three children. The victim’s husband, at the time of the crime, was in flight.