A torrent of love for Kim and Alex

Perseverance. Courage. Determination. Passion.

L are speed skaters Kim Boutin and Alex Boisvert-Lacroix was received with great ceremony at City Hall in Sherbrooke on Wednesday as part of a civic reception at the height of the exploits they have made the Olympics of Pyeongchang, in February.

Parents, friends, members of the Sherbrooke Speed ​​Skating Club (SPVC), former Olympic athletes, students of Notre-Dame du Rosaire Elementary School, municipal and provincial politicians, there was a crowd to cheer for the two cherished children of Sherbrooke.

With three medals on his neck and having been the flag-bearer of the Canadian delegation at the closing ceremony of the Games, Boutin radiated happiness.

Eyes wide open, with a huge smile, proud to have participated in the Olympics on his third attempt, the great long-track skater Alex Boisvert-Lacroix finally has a serene mind. Free.

The two Sherbrooke athletes came back home to celebrate their success with this city that saw them grow and progress, and who rose at dawn to cheer them during the Games.

“We were transported by your performances for the duration of the Games. It is an honor for all members of the municipal council to have the chance to receive you, “said Councilor Marc Denault, who was acting mayor, in the absence of Steve Lussier.

“Alex, your passion has taken you so far, no doubt that your future as a teacher will be so brilliant. Kim, your hugs with Marianne St-Gelais and this photo where you form a heart with the hands of the South Korean skater, on the podium, we will relive all this year after year, “said Denis Lemay, President of the CPVS.

“Thanks to the people of Sherbrooke for the encouragement and energies you could feel as far as South Korea; it’s a bit like bringing the people of Sherbrooke in my luggage. All this love has been reassuring and powerful, “said Lucie Bilodeau, Kim Boutin’s mother.

“The day of the opening ceremony, we had our eyes fixed on the television and we looked for you! It was a very nice race for us parents. This result does not detract from the athlete and the person you are. You are and you will always be our champion, “said Chantal Boisvert, Alex Boisvert-Lacroix’s mother.

Kim Boutin won silver in the 1,000, and bronze in the 1,500 and 500 in short track speed skating.

Alex Boisvert-Lacroix was the best Canadian skater in the 500m long track speed skating.

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