A unique discovery was prompted to think about the Austrians in Ukraine

Уникальная находка натолкнула на мысли об австрийцах в Украине

Bottle which was found among the ruins of the mosque of the Khotyn fortress, Chernivtsi oblast, was the first tangible proof of stay of Austrians in these Ukrainian lands in the late XVIII century.

About it Gazeta.ua said the historian Mykola Ilkiv.

“From historical sources it is known that in the war between Austria, Russia and Turkey, the Khotyn district for a while entered the territory of Austria. Here quartered her troops, and the local mosque turned into a Catholic Church. Found bottle is the only tangible proof of this fact. For historians it has great value,” says Ilya.

Found a artifact, scientists and students from Chernivtsi national University named after Yuriy Fedkovych.

“The bottle was broken almost 30 parts. We collected it in a pile, but lacks several fragments, – Ilya continues. – made of porcelain stone and coated with a special mortar for strength and water resistance. In Europe at the time tried to uncover the mystery of Chinese porcelain and in the process invented his. It is far from ideal, but very strong, so often used to make utensils for household use. The volume of the bottle about 1.5 l”.

Found in a vessel kept mineral water. It was taken from a spring located on the territory of modern Germany.

“At first I thought that there was some sort of elite alcohol. Subsequently noticed two brands with the name of the master and fluid, which filled. So one of them depicted a Latin cross with a raised bar and two letters -“S”,”T”, and around the inscription “Selters”. This is the name of a valley in Germany, where in ancient times were the sources of natural mineral water. To retain carbon dioxide, it is poured into a special container and tightly sealed with something like wax. Thus within two months the water longer retain the natural properties and mineralization”.

Now the monument is located in the laboratory, archaeologists continue to research. Soon her plan to transfer the Museum funds of the Khotyn fortress.

Mineral water “Selters” still made in Germany. It is salty to the taste. In 2016 accounted for about 80% of the German market for mineral drinks. Previously, this water was popular among Russian and German noblemen. She was transported to an exclusive pottery with a special stamp.