A woman arrested after having attempted to abduct a baby in a car

Une femme interpellée après avoir tenté d'enlever un bébé dans une voiture

The events took place on Thursday at The Shell, in the Dordogne.

A mother strapped her baby, aged 18 months, on the car seat and then moved away a few metres to say goodbye to loved ones.

At the same time, a woman of 63 years old approached the car, began to detach the child from his seat to take him with her.

Fortunately, the mother of a family is immediately intervened to prevent the abduction of, before to prevent the gendarmes.

The military quickly on the scene, have interviewed the retired. This last did not understand why the security forces came to her. She explained that she was simply his son of 30 years became suddenly young.

She was placed briefly in custody, before being interned in psychiatry. The floor of Périgueux has indicated that no legal action would be taken.