A woman of 47 years slice the penis of her stalker

Une femme de 47 ans tranche le pénis de son harceleur

The mother of a family, aged 47 years, was sexually harassed by his neighbour in Bombay, India.

A few days ago, her stalker made a visit to the husband of the middle-aged and explained that he was in love with his wife. This has created a dispute in the couple.

Tuesday, this mom of 2 children was caught with two accomplices, in an industrial zone on its isolated neighbor, aged 27 years, and they have sliced the penis.

Then the mother of the family brought the victim to the hospital where she was operated in emergency. The young man remains seriously injured but his condition is stable.

“We have arrested the woman and two accomplices, and she acknowledged that she had hatched to cut off the penis of her admirer because of his constant harassment,” said a police officer

“We recovered the knife and the genitals, and the three accused are in custody. We are investigating the matter,” he added.