A woman stabbed in front of a school and in front of the students

Une femme poignardée devant une école et devant les élèves

The events took place Thursday morning in Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Around 8: 30, a woman was in front of the entrance of the primary school Nikaïa, to drop off her child or children. The buzzer had not yet sounded and the pupils were waiting in front of the grid.

All of a sudden, an individual helmeted approached it and brought him several blows of a knife. The scene occurred in front of the children, who were horrified.

Hit in the neck and back, the victim was transported in critical condition to the hospital.

As for her attacker, he was arrested near the school while he was trying to escape. He was placed in police custody.

Ignoring for the moment whether the victim and his assailant knew each other, but it could be her ex-boyfriend.