A year after the bombing of Trèbes : Philippe promises to continue the “work of reclaiming the republic”

Un an après l'attentat de Trèbes : Philippe promet de poursuivre le "travail de reconquête républicaine"

Edouard Philippe has made Saturday a glowing tribute to the four people killed a year ago in the attacks jihadists of Trèbes and Carcassonne (Aude), pledging to continue the work of “reclaiming the republic” in the face of the “radicalisation”.

Kept at a distance as the majority of the inhabitants of Trèbes came to listen to the speech of the Prime minister, a score of “yellow vests” have conducted a launch of yellow balloons at the end of the ceremony, shouting their anger in the day of the act 19 of this social movement.

March 23, 2018, “islamist terrorism struck once again, (…). The city of Trèbes has become a symbol of our country, capable of the best when he is faced with the worst,” said the Prime minister, in a speech to the families of the victims –4 dead and 4 wounded– on the parvis of the mairie de Trèbes.

Around him, the people of Trebes of all ages, often dressed in black, holding each other’s hands and experienced tears.

“You can be assured that nothing will stop us in the necessary work of reclaiming republican that we need to deliver” over and against “radicalization,” assured Mr. Philippe.

A few hours earlier, in the barracks Jena of Carcassonne, the minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet has also stressed the need “to rearm the Republic in the face of the radicalization”.

Paying tribute to the “courage and selflessness” of the forces of law and order during the attacks, but also during “the troubles which afflict the country since November,” the keeper of the Seals promised that he would be “merciless with thugs”.

“When the thugs you attack, you attack, France is with you”, she started to address, including police officers, gendarmes and CRS deployed in the courtyard of the barracks.

– “Taking their distance” –

“What these people want, this is not dialogue, they only claim it is the violence,” she added.

“Peaceful protesters should take their distances” with these troublemakers, she also advocated.

Before handing the medal of the homeland security thirty gendarmes, police officers, firefighters, and volunteers of associations, she has met in the morning the family of lieutenant-colonel of the gendarmerie, Arnaud Beltrame, killed by the assailant, to whom he had delivered against the release of a hostage.

Thursday, Emmanuel Macron was awarded the Legion of honor to three local figures and the national Order of Merit to the prefect of the Aude, who have managed to “protect, rescue, help, and healing during and after this terrible day” of march 23, 2018.

On this day, Radouane Lakdim, 25-year-old began his career murderer in stealing a car in Carcassonne which he had killed the passenger and injured the driver by a bullet. He had then pulled on the CRS coming back from a jog, injuring one, before entering a supermarket Super U to Trèbes, where he had killed a butcher, and a customer, and then mortally wounded Arnaud Beltrame.

The perpetrator of these attacks claimed by the group islamic State (EI), had been killed in the assault by gendarmes of the antenna of the GIGN in Toulouse, where two were injured.

A year later, the co-investigating judges are still trying to untangle the knot of people who could make their contribution to the assailant.

Since the arrest the same day Navy, Pequignot, his girlfriend who had published on the internet in the morning a sura, promising hell to the disbelievers, four men, suspected of having had knowledge of its projects, or to some of the to have helped to varying degrees, have been indicted. Three of them, and the young 19 year old girl are now in custody.