A young intern of 22 years died devoured by a lion in a zoo

Une jeune stagiaire de 22 ans meurt dévorée par un lion dans un zoo

It was 10 days that Alexandra Black was working as an intern at the Conservators Center, a zoo located in Burlington, North Carolina (United States).

While she cleaned, with his colleagues, a pen, a lion managed to escape to another pen and threw himself on the young woman and devoured.

The rescue, arrived on the scene, have only been able to confirm his death.

As to the animal, he had been euthanized in order for the staff of the county of Caswell to recover the body of a young girl.

Alexandra Black, 22 years old, just graduated from the University of Indiana. She was passionate about animals.

For the moment, it is unclear how and why the lion was able to leave his enclosure. An investigation has been opened.