A young man of 23 years lynched by the mob after stabbing his mother

Un jeune homme de 23 ans lynché par la foule après avoir poignardé sa mère

The facts occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at Elbeuf, in Seine-Maritime.

Around 3: 00 in the morning, a young man of 23 years has brought many stabbing his elderly mother, 58-year-old during a dispute.

Injury to the head, the arm and the hand, the victim has been transported to the hospital. His prognosis is engaged.

The suspect was also stabbed several times, another woman, who would be the aunt of the attacker. This last one is seriously injured but his days are not in danger.

The forces of law and order, arrived on the scene, they discovered an angry mob, which had tied up the author of the stabbings and who was in the process of the lynching on the ground.

The police have managed to root out the suspect to the crowd before the challenge and take him to the emergency room. The investigation was assigned to the major crime unit of the departmental safety.