A young man of 24 years violates dreadfully the little girl of 2 years that he kept

Un jeune homme de 24 ans viole atrocement la fillette de 2 ans qu'il gardait

A 24-year-old appeared Thursday before a Court in the United Kingdom for the rape of excruciating of a little girl of 2 years.

These facts, sordid took place in November 2018 at Warrington, in Great Britain.

That day, the accused himself called the rescue, explaining that the child that he was trying to keep was injured.

On the phone, the operator heard the little girl cry “mommy quickly, mum soon…”

The relief rushed to the spot and found the victim seriously injured, in the process of greloter in the bathtub.

The victim was transported to the hospital where the doctors found that she had raped her with a savagery unheard of. She had to have surgery as his injuries were serious.

When the police came to detain the suspect, the suspect had not moved and stood in a fetal position.

Luke Jones has finally been sentenced to 17 years in prison, with a minimum of 12 years. It will also follow a life-long treatment.