A young woman 21 years of age to be slice deliberately hand to touch the asssurances

Une jeune femme de 21 ans se tranche volontairement la main pour toucher les asssurances

A young woman residing in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has decided to voluntarily hand in the hope of making this go on for an accident, in order to touch the amount of insurance.

With a member of his family, 29-year-old, she is amputated the hand with a circular saw, at the level of the wrist.

The girl, 21-year-old was then transported to the hospital where the doctors came to him to sew the member .

But investigators have tiqué by learning that the young woman had attempted to play five contracts of insurance that it had underwritten a short time before.

She had hoped to touch in a total of 380.000 euros of compensation as well as 3,000 euros monthly for life in respect of his disability.

The young girl and her accomplice have been arrested for fraud. Placed in detention, they face up to 8 years in prison.

A couple of accomplices who are older, also members of the family of the young woman, was placed under judicial control.