A young woman found dead on the motorway after a date on the internet

Une jeune femme retrouvée morte sur l'autoroute après un rencard sur internet

The lifeless body of a young woman, aged 33 years, was found Friday morning on interstate I-95, Florida (United States), after being run over by several cars.

Jennifer St. Clear had made the acquaintance of a man on the internet.

The latter had come to look for it on a motorbike Thursday evening at his home. Then the duo had spent the evening in a bar in Delray Beach.

According to the victim’s family, it is on the way back to Pompano Beach, the tragedy would have happened. For some unknown reason, Jennifer would have fallen of the motorcycle that was driving her suitor.

Witnesses say they saw a man on a motorcycle stand near the body of Jennifer before you go away.

This man met on the internet has so far not been identified. It is unknown why he left the victim on the highway without calling the emergency services.

It is actively sought by the investigators.