A young woman is abducted with his parents and found injured by bullets in a field

Une jeune femme enlevée chez ses parents et retrouvée blessée par balles dans un champ

Two or three individuals are to be introduced on Thursday evening at a property located rue Léonard de Vinci in Bethoncourt, Doubs.

They have kidnapped a young woman who was inside and then he put it in the trunk of their car before fleeing.

The victim was found the next morning in a field of Satolas-and-Good, Isere, by a cyclist, more than 300 km from his parents ‘ home where she was kidnapped.

The young woman was injured by a firearm in the calves. She was transported to the hospital. His days are no longer in danger but she remains hospitalized.

The hypothesis of a dispute between the kidnappers and the husband of the young woman, 30 years of age, is preferred. This last is known of the services of the services of the gendarmerie, and is currently traveling in Morocco.

The research section of Besançon has been in charge of the investigation.