Abandoned bread factory will become an art object on two of the weekend (PHOTOS)

Заброшенный хлебный завод станет арт-объектом на два уик-энда  (ФОТО)

Closed and vacant bread factory Weston, formerly known delightful fragrance which was once a kind of benchmark in the East end, will open doors to visitors this weekend. If you ever wondered how does the interior of the bakery, you’re in luck, the exhibition at the old bread factory is opened especially for you.

Still equipped with the original baking equipment abandoned factory open to the public at the exhibition during the weekend on may 12-13 and may 19-20. The exhibition will be part of the Scotiabank photography festival, which will showcase the work of photographer Toronto Laird Kay.

“In fact, it was very exciting to see all these inside of complex machines and pipelines that stretch your tape through the building, said Kay. I wanted to capture movement and a sense of space – to escape from the equipment and display them as sculpture,” he said.

“We wanted to celebrate the building’s history, said Neil Pattison, a representative of the developer. – I remember the days when passing by, we saw people in white coats and nets for hair.”

The factory was first opened in 1887, so the locals have mixed emotions regarding the plan for this land: the plant will have to the condominiums.

“People don’t like change,’ said Pattison. But the preservation of the object of nostalgic motives would be simply unreasonable”.

Resistance from the community turned into a long battle with Council, Ontario on the details of the new condominiums that will be eight and will represent a combination of commercial and residential premises.

“It was not quite what the developer wanted, and not what the community wanted,” said the adviser Paula Fletcher. – Everyone had to compromise”.
Sheri Spence lived in the area for 18 years and has complicated emotions about this decision.

“I’ll miss the bread factory, she said. Every day I came out of his house, and in the air was this wonderful aroma, like everywhere smells like home and comfort. While I understand that a condo in this area will definitely be much more pleasant for the environment than the abandoned factory”, she added.

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