Accused of fraud: Alain Leclerc must undergo two other lawsuits

Waiting for his sentence in a case of fraud over $ 5000, Alain Leclerc must defend himself from other charges in similar matters.

L’ eclerc was back before Judge Paul Dunnigan of the Court of Quebec at the Sherbrooke Courthouse.

Her lawyer Stephanie Marcoux told the court that her client must raise money to pay the victim of the $ 5,200 fraud for which he was found guilty.

Between October 2015 and May 2016, Leclerc dazzled an acquaintance that he was going to build a patio.

The victim paid $ 5,200 for materials, but she never saw the work being done.

Leclerc was convicted after a trial in this case.

The observations on the sentence will take place on March 29 in this case where Marie-Line Ducharme represents the Crown.

Before receiving his sentence, Leclerc must also undergo the end of another trial before Justice H?l?ne Fabi of the Court of Quebec.

In this case led by Mr. Isabelle Dorion, Alain Leclerc is accused of fraud of nearly $ 11,000 and threats.

For several months, he allegedly asked the alleged victim to pay for his legal fees, which was not the case.

Leclerc must present his defense on March 2nd.

A third file for which he must return on March 20 is also active against Alain Leclerc.

This time, there are charges of sexual assault and fraud between December 2016 and March 2017 that have been filed.

He pleaded not guilty.

It is Me Nathalie Robidoux who authorized the accusations in this last file.

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