Act 19 of the Yellow Vests: Eric Drouet controlled and recorded in Paris

Acte 19 des Gilets Jaunes: Eric Drouet contrôlé et verbalisé à Paris

Eric Drouet was fined upon his arrival in Paris this Saturday 23 for the Act 19 of the yellow Vests. It bails out of 135 euros fine for “participation in an event non-declared”.

After the images of violence Saturday the 16th on the Champs-Élysées during the Act 18 of yellow Vests, the government had decided to strike hard to prevent them from reoccurring. Several parisian neighborhoods were thus forbidden to the manifestation of the movement, including the Châtelet and Champs-Élysées. Eric Drouet, one of the protest leaders, including the costs.

In fact, a lorry driver native of Melun, which was controlled by the forces of law and order in the company of a few people at the level of Châtelet – Les Halles to 13h. It has been imposed a fine of 135 euros for “participation in an event non-declared”.

Eric Drouet has refused to sign his interrogation, assuring: “we Were told that we were on a event non-declared of which I was the leader. I disagree strongly… everything that they said above, everything is fake“.

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On the decision of the new police prefect Didier Lallement, no “yellow jacket” was not allowed to scroll on and around the famous avenue, or on the place de l’etoile, or on a perimeter, including the palace of the Elysée and the national Assembly.

Supported by the use of drones, and a new unit of anti-thugs, the new safety device must allow, according to him,”to immediately halt the violence, or even destruction“.

In the afternoon, 31 people had been arrested in the capital, 15 others booked for parade in a perimeter forbidden, and over 2,300 preventive controls have been carried out, a-t-on learned from the prefecture of police.

Beyond Paris, the authorities have also banned demonstrations in symbolic places of several large cities in France, including Nice.

Last Saturday, 32.000 “yellow vests”, of which 10,000 in Paris, had been identified, according to the authorities, a figure disputed by the movement which has claimed his side 230.766 protesters.


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