Actress Sarah Hyland underwent a second kidney transplant

Sarah Hyland

28-year-old actress Sarah Hyland gave a candid video interview in the magazine Self, in which for the first time admitted that he underwent a second kidney transplant. Recall that the star of the series “American family” was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia and the transplant first she suffered seven years ago. Then a donor was made by her father.

Sarah Hyland

In an interview Sarah spoke in detail about the operation, and developed endometriosis. It turned out that two years ago her body began to reject the transplanted organ and the kidney had to be removed in may last year, as it became known only now. Then doctors found in highland and even abdominal hernia. The event had a great impact on the psyche of Sarah.

When your family member sacrifices himself and gives you a second chance, but all fails, you think it’s your fault. Although it is not so

— admitted to highland, adding that she felt extremely depressed at the time and even thought about suicide.

All my life I felt like a burden, someone who need care, who need looking after because I’ve always had health problems. And this feeling makes you completely helpless. It’s very hard,

— frankly said Sarah.

From February to October last year, the actress has undergone dialysis, and in September 2017, underwent a second kidney transplant — this time the donor was made by her younger brother.

But a series of sick in her life has not ended — this spring, she twice went on the operating table due to endometriosis and hernia.

Unlike Lena Dunham, who also can not boast of good health and regularly documenting medical procedures in your Instagram, Sarah rarely speaks in such detail about your condition. So, a year ago to be Frank the girl provoked aggressive comments to her photos: the actress was accused of promoting anorexia. Sarah had to otpravlyatsya that her thinness is associated with loss of muscle mass due to frequent hospitalizations and bed rest. This time in front of the camera, the actress even showed all the scars.

Highland has assured his fans that, despite the difficulties, her health is now stable. In just a year and a half Sarah has had six surgeries.

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