Advertising the 2018 world Cup amid chaos in Yekaterinburg laugh social networks

Реклама ЧМ-2018 на фоне разрухи в Екатеринбурге насмешила соцсети

Design installed it on a vacant lot.

May 16 Telegram channel “vs Mutko” has published pictures from Ekaterinburg, which is the world championship on football-2018 are installed near the railroad tracks amid the devastation, reports the with reference to

The report said that the design found by the officials, calling the vacant lot “is not the best place to advertise the world Cup.”

The design of the logo has been here for a few days and on may 17 it was removed from the pedestal. The city authorities claim that the symbol of the 2018 world Cup in the wasteland set one of the fans, spending their own money.

“So he decided to greet the guests who come to Yekaterinburg for the world Cup FIFA 2018 this summer. We thank him for this gesture and welcome the private initiative of fans. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that the right to use the official symbols have only sponsors, licensees, the host city after consultation with FIFA. Therefore, it was decided to dismantle the installation”, – had informed the authorities of Ekaterinburg.

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