Advisers trump accused Trudeau of “betrayal” after the summit “the Big seven” (PHOTO)

Советники Трампа обвиняют Трюдо в «предательстве» после саммита «Большой семерки» (ФОТО)

Top aides of US President Donald trump Sunday, June 10, pounced with criticism of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, as he felt his actions a betrayal against trump right before his meeting with the leader of North Korea, one of the advisers even said that Trudeau deserves a “special place in hell.”

A few hours after the US President left on Saturday, June 9, the summit “the Big seven” (G7) in Quebec city, he began to insult the Prime Minister of Canada, calling it “a very dishonest and weak.”

Trump lashed out at Trudeau after the “Big seven” presented a joint communiqué, according to which the Alliance of countries managed to overcome some of the differences and to reach an understanding on several issues.

After a few minutes after the official promulgation of the document trump wrote on the social network Twitter about “false statements,” the Prime Minister of Canada at the final press conference of the summit and said that the US is not going to support this communiqué.

Sunday, June 10 advisers trump has added fuel to the fire during a television interview.

Economic adviser to trump Larry Kudlow noted that the President of the United States “is not going to let the canadian Prime Minister to intimidate him” on the eve of a major summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Young, which will be held this week.

“He’s not going to allow any sign of weakness during the trip to negotiate with North Korea,” he said.

On Saturday evening in La Malbaie Justin Trudeau refused to answer several questions concerning the message trump on Twitter and the future of the “Big seven”. He did not comment on the conflict during a series of photo shoots with world leaders, which took place in Quebec city on Sunday morning, June 10.

Bleak final communiqué seen by many as a serious blow to the power of the Alliance of the “Big seven”, which includes such developed countries as Germany, Japan, France, UK and Italy.

The day after the critical attacks trump representatives of the European Union expressed its solidarity with Trudeau.

Press Secretary of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that other members of the “Big seven” supported the communiqué and all that was agreed.

Dignitary from France who prefer to remain anonymous, said that after two days of attempts to reach consensus on all of Europe in favour of an agreed document.

According to the official, international relations “I can’t depend on anger or any of the words” and needs to be adjusted “in a serious manner worthy of our people.”

Support Canada and its allies expressed in the United States.

Senator of Arizona, Republican Senator John McCain wrote in Twitter: “to Our allies: a bipartisan majority of Americans continue to favour free trade, globalization, and support for coalitions based on 70 years of shared values. Americans support you even if our President does not do this”.

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