After 3 weeks of vaping she developed a deadly lung disease

After 3 weeks of vaping she developed a deadly lung disease

Author: Anna Starkova

Photo: Bosiger/CC

Harmful vaping or not? This issue is of concern to society since the advent on the market of electronic cigarettes. Supporters believe that the guy is not a threat to their body. Opponents also cite a lot of arguments, noting that the long-term effects of Smoking wapow is not yet proved.

A young resident of Pennsylvania had to wait very long to feel the unwanted effects of using electronic cigarettes: three weeks after the first puff she was in the hospital with a whole bunch of lung illnesses.

The patient working as a waitress at the restaurant, sought medical help, complaining of shortness of breath, cough and pain when breathing. During the examination, she was diagnosed with hypersensitive pneumonitis and acute respiratory distress syndrome — a condition that without immediate medical care could result in death.

Fortunately, the girl went to the doctors on time, and it was saved. Therapy anti-inflammatory drug Methylprednisolone quickly put the patient on his feet.

According to the American Association of pediatricians, today was already a few patients in whom acute inflammatory lung disease developed from Smoking electronic cigarettes. The youngest patient, 20-year-old boy was in the hospital with a diagnosis of “acute eosinophilic pneumonia” right after vaping. The elderly suffered from acute hypersensitive pneumonitis, with the above mentioned girl.

Pediatricians are seriously alarmed by the growing popularity of vaping among teenagers. According to a recent report by the National Institute on drug abuse, this activity is not alien-thirds of graduates and 13.8% of eighth graders.

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