After Avengers 4, Kevin Feige ponders the future of the MCU and how to replace the super-heroes






The big question to 1 billion dollars is : who will replace, among others, Iron Man and Captain America at the end of Avengers 4 ?

July 2017, Robert Downey Jr., iconic figure, and iconic super-heroes Iron Man think very seriously about hanging up. The actor of 53-year-old, who has donned the costume of the billionaire Tony Stark in the course of eight films from the film world Marvel knows that the time is approaching and it is time to move on to something else :

“I would not like to just spoil the last six or seven films by lowering the arm because I agreed to play the role one time too many. I just want to hang up my costume before this becomes embarrassing.”


Ten years already, and yes


When Avengers : Infinity War is released, it is naturally that all the world believed the next death of the super-heroes in the opus, except that, for those who have seen the film, it is nothing. At the end of the promotional tour of the third installment of the Avengers, the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have been asked by the Hindustan Times on the future ofIron Man in Marvel Studio. Who responded, roughly, that if “nobody can take the place of Robert Downey Jr. on Iron Man” it will not be able to “play the character forever”. “Well, we’ll see what happens” concluded the duo.

Not to mention that in addition to Robert Downey Jr, it was the turn of Chris Evans, aka Captain America to announce in march 2018, he preferred to “leave the train before being thrown out”. Two big figures in less that it will have to be replaced one day ? In any case it is more or less in the plans of Kevin Feige, head honcho of the MCU that, during an interview for The Costo Connection is made to the question about the future departures of its actors :


Chris Evans and RDJ on the departure


“This is what we can observe in the comics, and that is why these characters are so relevant. There, I speak for 10 years of films, but it is more than 50 years of comics behind the movies. They are all equally relevant and popular because they evolve, they change with time, they adapt. I have no doubt that all of our actors, who are in full physical shape, still have another 50 years to be super-heroes.

In regards to how we will evolve the characters, fortunately I have not yet to think about it. Because we are still trying to finish what we started with Avengers : Infinity War.”

If officially Kevin Feige prefers not to “not think”, unofficially the big big boss of Marvel knows that it is necessary to prepare the ground for future generations. Between the appearance of the heroes most recent as Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, the next arrival of Captain Marvel that is the entire phase 4 which is slowly but surely being put in place. It only remains to see what the future holds for us and how Avengers 4 , which will be released in France on April 24, 2019 will initiate these events.


Jeremy Renner who meditates on his future (non-existent) within the MCU

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