After being fired from a nightclub, a high school student of 17 years old is raped in the parking lot

Après avoir été virée de discothèque, une lycéenne de 17 ans est violée sur le parking

The facts occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Pusignan, in the Rhone.

A teenager, 17-year-old, was celebrating with friends the anniversary of a young man in a nightclub in the city.

During the evening, the young people, many of whom were under the influence of alcohol, began to argue.

Accused of being the origin of the altercation, the girl has been evicted from the nightclub, so that she calms down.

She found herself alone in the night, waiting to return again in the disco.

His coat being stuck to the locker rooms, she quickly caught a cold. Two men have offered to come and warm up in their car.

The high school is entered in the cabin without be wary of. And the 2 men, taking advantage that she’s a little drunk, raped her in turn. An investigation is underway.