After drinking a litre of whisky, a mom is going to pick up your children by car to school

Après avoir bu un litre de whisky, une maman va chercher ses enfants en voiture à l'école

On Thursday, after drinking in the day, a litre of whisky, a mother of a family, residing to Lyon took his car to go pick up his kids at school at 16: 30.

But, on the way, this 37 year old woman has zigzagged on the highway A43. And then she fell asleep at the wheel, before ending his road hitting a terminal of call.

The police officers of the office of Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère) are rendered on the scene and arrested the mother.

They were taken to the police station where they made him take a test for alcohol. The mother of this family had a bac of 3.14 grams.