After having complained 5 times against his ex, he stabs him to death

Après avoir porté plainte 5 fois contre son ex, ce dernier la poignarde à mort

The events took place on 28 January in the town of Annemasse, in Haute-Savoie.

A woman, aged 34 years, went to the home of her ex-husband to come retrieve her 4 children. It was accompanied by a friend because she was afraid of her former companion.

Her ex-husband then stabbed at the foot of his building, as well as the friend who was with her. He survived his injuries, but the mother of the family died.

Gulcin, mother of 4 children, was a teacher of driving school. Before the tragedy, she had been supported by the Espace Femmes, La Roche-sur-Foron, who comes to the aid of victims of family violence.

She had followed their advice in lodging a complaint five times against her ex-husband. But it has never really been bothered by the authorities.

The victim felt “in danger”. “She was going around saying : I am in danger, do something !” remembers her advisor within the association.