After having said that they were going to kill her, she is found dead in a suitcase

Après avoir dit qu'on allait la tuer, elle est retrouvée morte dans une valise

The lifeless body of Valerie Reyes was found Tuesday in a suitcase to travel around Greenwich, Connecticut (United States).

These are workers who have made the macabre discovery on a construction site. The young woman, aged 24 years, was missing since January 29.

Something disturbing : a few days before his disappearance, Valerie had called his mother. On the phone, she had explained to her mom that she was afraid that someone kills her.

“She was terrified. She told me: “I’m afraid. Someone is going to kill me” has entrusted Norma Sanchez at CNN.

The latter has not been able to know of which, in particular, his daughter was afraid.

An autopsy was performed but it was not possible to determine the cause of death. Police looking for possible witnesses in order to learn more about this strange case.