After Justice League, Zack Snyder has turned the page DC and unveiled the new film






If some movies or projects appear to have been victims of the lack of vision of the whole of DC Films, it is without a doubt Zack Snyder, who will have suffered most from the situation.

He had to be the conductor of the DC Universe adult, mature and ambitious. He has been the creator strongly criticized, gradually ostracized, and ejected from the same structure, struck successively by the poor returns of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, before being touched by personal tragedy in the middle of shooting the nightmare Justice League, which has required amount of reshoots and other mutilations.

Since his departure, and his replacement by Joss Whedon, it was not clear what would be the projects of the director, which we do not doubt that the use of the time would be considerably messed up. During a discussion with a fan on the social network Vero, of which he is one of the supports since its launch, he explained how the project he intended to devote himself.


The Fountainhead is officially Zack”s next project instead of The Last Photograph.

— ςняιѕ яανєи (@ChrisRa7en) may 28, 2018


It should be an adaptation of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Fans of the filmmaker with a good memory will notice that Zack has not changed its stance, since it already showed in march 2016 floor on this production.

It should be said that Ayn Rand, whose name is little known among us, among the authors fundamental of the Twentieth century, and helped sculpt the unconscious american policy, by establishing an ethic of selfishness and a philosophy, ” objectivist “ , which irrigates yet today the policy of the united states, up to the 7th Art and video games. We note as well that the pursuit of tomorrow , or even Bioshock can be seen as critical analyses pretty damn well balanced in its work.

In this respect, see Snyder, author, questioning the mythic figures and kind of potential precipitate of objectivism itself, is to look at the work of Rand, is very interesting.

Remains to be seen whether the director is preparing this film for Warner, who has hosted his work since the Army of The dead, or if it intends to change to dairy.


Zack Snyder on the set of the Justice League

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