After Spider-Man, Marvel could accommodate new super-hero Sony, like Venom






The deal between Sony and Marvel Studios will soon be coming to an end. If this is not yet the hour of the accounts, now is the time to think about the future.

Before launching directly into the explanation, we quickly things in context. In the 1990s, Marvel Studios is at its worst. History to avoid bankruptcy, the company sells super-heroes to other studios (X-Men for the Fox, and Spider-Man to Sony, Hulk to Universal, for example).

Subsequently, Marvel is bought out by Disney. The money is flowing, the super-heroes are recast, the MCU is at the top of his art/business. Except that the studio pays for his youthful mistakes and tries to redeem his old hero costume to create an expanded universe is interconnected. In 2015, an agreement is signed between Disney and Sony. The weaver of canvas will have the right to integrate the MCU for three films solos and three appearances (which would be almost done with Avengers 4 and Spider-Man : Far From Home), provided that Sony is co-producer of the film solos. So far everything is going well, but all of a sudden, what are the plans for Spider-Man after all that ?


“You’re going to make me return for Marvel now !”


It is in a long article published by Variety, which is consistent with the information released by Sanford Panitch, the current president of Columbia Pictures (the studio of Sony group), it is necessary to find the answers. The first piece of information revealed by the american website : the partnership between the two studios is not of concern as Spider-Man , but more than 900 characters, the more big the more uninteresting.

If Disney’s going to obviously recover a part of the catalogue of the Fox, and we’ll see certainly The Fantastic 4 and the X-Men interact with the heroes of the MCU in the near future, Sony is still the only studio to hold the licensing rights of some of the characters Marvel. The firm is about to return in the course of the large and throw in very little time Venom , its trump card of an expanded universe in the cinema, like the MCU and the DC Universe.

Silver Sable, Black Cat, Silk, However, Kraven, Jackpot, Nightwatch (you can find our little guide a scientist here) are always provided. This future expanded universe even has a name, according to Variety : the SUMC or the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters. “We are committed to be faithful to the comics” has said Sanford Panitch.


It was nice to have you with us, you will have to start back at Sony now


Other big news : the studio has claimed not to be against the idea of “see other characters of his films from the universe of Spider-Man in the Marvel movies produced by Disney”. A phrase not so innocent as that, which opens many doors, but poses big questions about the limits of the MCU. Kevin Feige is in control of the universe of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the other to ensure consistency, and if Sony had to open a breach and to have some control, this would be with conditions.

Marvel could then pass up a cameo or two of his characters in their films. For example, make it appear a possible Tom Holland in the skin of Peter Parker in Venom (or any future spin-offs). Making the anti-heroes (or future heroes Sony) a character that is part integrating of the universe of the MCU by proxy.



For the time being, no one knows how the future of Spider-Man will evolve to the cinema. The term of the contract between Sony and Marvel, it is unlikely that Kevin Feige (manitou Marvel Studios) agrees to renew this agreement. Nevertheless, after you have installed also effectively super-hero, it would be difficult to see Marvel let go of the case too quickly. According to rumors, Marvel is expected to sign a contract, film by film to use this super-hero. Marvel would lose necessarily have to change as Sony is still co-producer of the film and engrangerait revenue at the box office, like Spider-Man : Homecoming. Ideally, Marvel will want to so redeem them, once and for all its super-heroes, but Sony will not be ready to give up his best asset.

Second option, much more case-mouth : Sony could keep the Spider-Man and make it a fourth reboot. The studio would then take the risk of eating also a reverse sleeve monumental with the fans who have waited for years for the coming of the man-spider in the MCU. In short, one is not ready to see this story conclude.


Spider-Man tries to infiltrate in Marvel

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