After the attacks of Christchurch, the “fear” of muslims in France

Après les attentats de Christchurch, la "peur" des musulmans en France

New Zealand has suffered an attack is particularly lethal this Friday the 15th. Two mosques were targeted by at least one shooter, the Australian Brenton Tarrant, and at least 49 people died under the bullets while 48 others were injured. In France, the muslim community is concerned.

The muslim world wakes up “shocked” and “outraged” that Friday, after one of the leaders of the mosque Bilal in Marseille. In the night, French time, two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand have been targeted by a shooter’s extremist right.

The suspected terrorist, who was also arrested as three other people, killed 49 people and injured 48 others, according to a provisional report submitted by the local authorities.

Contacted by France-Soir Moussa Hadjieh, one of the leaders of the masjid Bilal situated in the 1st arrondissement of Marseille, has responded to the tragedy that occurred to the other side of the globe. “Shocked”, he however called on the faithful French to “overcome their fear” on this sacred day.

The mosque Bilal, the faithful will pray for the victims of the double bombing on Friday.

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After having denounced the behavior of a “madman”, he pointed the finger at the “stigma” of which muslims were the victims.

But the biggest fear of this person, it is that such acts are perpetrated in France too. “It can happen here as elsewhere”, he alarmed. “A fool can go in and kill everyone”, he continued, ensuring that there was “nothing to do” against a person who cherished life.

The mosque is only 300 metres from the Saint-Charles railway Station where took place an attack by knife-claimed by the islamic State in October 2017. For the religious leader, the assailant could very well enter the mosque and “to make a carnage”.

Muslims are also worried by the AE as not being radical.

This Friday, the Interior minister Christophe Castaner has assured that the security around places of worship would be enhanced.

An advert Moussa Hadjieh does not seem to believe much. There are “a few years”, the police were watching, in fact, the area around the mosque which is no longer the case now. The mosque Bilal was his “own safety”. Two people are always present to in particular search the bags of the faithful.

The manager called all the mosques to do the same and refuse entrance to people who are too loaded to avoid to the maximum that a tragedy like the one in Christchurch does not happen again.

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