After the departure of Oksana Marchenko on “Dancing with the stars” changed the rules

После ухода Оксаны Марченко на "Танцы со звездами" изменили правила

Viewers can help your pet to return to the project.The “Dancing with the stars” gives an opportunity to define the viewers through voting, who will return to the project.

Now everyone can decide the fate of his favourite, says the Chronicle,of info with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Yesterday it became known that Oksana Marchenko seriously injured on “Dancing with the stars” that forced her to leave the show. Now viewers will be able to return to the project one of the couples that dropped out, by voting on the website of the channel “1 + 1”. The star name will be announced on 14 October during a live broadcast.

This Sunday in the eighth edition of the project of star pair will present new dance performances. This time the program will be broadcast in Ukrainian motifs and folk traditions.

The company the permanent host of the project Yury Gorbunov star on the balcony will be a popular rapper and producer Potap. The open air artist of the Ukrainian ballet Alexander Stoyanov, who demonstrate masculine role of the famous ballet “children of the night”.

In turn, celebrities try on a new vivid images. So, Ruslan Senichkin will visit in the role of an Eastern Sultan, and Irakli Makatsaria and Jan Hare immerse viewers in a passionate and sexy tango.

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov will try a new lyric images, performing fusion songs – “Flowering field”. Pavel Vishnyakov with partner Yulia sakhnevich will show the audience a lyrical waltz.

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