Again, in love! Sharon stone first came out with her new boyfriend Italian

Enzo Cursio and Sharon stone

More recently, 60-year-old Sharon stone has admitted that the most satisfied with my life of a single mother and did not need a man. Now the actress is apparently willing to give up their words, because recently in her life suddenly has a new boyfriend — with him and Sharon on the eve arrived in Rome to take part in a charity event organized by the Red Cross.

For the first time journalists noticed the stone with the 50-year-old journalist Enzo Cursio at the weekend on the streets of Rome — new celebrity couple arrived in Italy the day before the event to spend more time together. Sharon and Enzo, holding hands, slowly walked to the shops and amused each other with jokes. Along with the new boyfriend Sharon seemed happy and carefree, while he was looking at her with loving eyes.

Enzo Coercion and Sharon stone

The next day the newly minted celebrity couple were first published together. Stone appeared in support of Kursi on the red carpet charity award Jump in 2018, for which she arrived in Italy.

All night Enzo never left sweetheart on a step, gently held her by the arm and strongly supported. To attend the event, stone and Curcio chose elegant outfits: Sharon appeared at the awards in a scarlet bodycon dress with V-neck and Anzio was published in a dark blue suit with a tie.

Enzo Coercion and Sharon stone

The actress and the journalist didn’t even try to hide their feelings and hide from reporters, but to comment on your novel still does not have. By the way, Curcio became the first man seen near the stone after a painful breakup with a younger boyfriend Angelo Boffa.

She’s a gorgeous woman, simply beautiful, but, unfortunately, we’re not together anymore for a couple months. As he sang Jimmy Fountain, each goes its own way. I dedicate all the time to his real estate projects, and she is very busy in the movies. Today I’m alone,

— commented Angelo your breakup with Sharon, which is now, apparently, completely forgotten ex-lover and plunged into a new relationship!

Sharon Stone

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