Ahead of the Russian Federation in the ranking of human freedom Ukraine has risen by 16 positions

Обогнали РФ: в рейтинге свободы человека Украина поднялась на 16 позиций

In the “Index of human freedom 2018” Ukraine has made serious advances, rising over several years by 16 points. This is stated in the report, which was published by the international research centres for human rights day, reported the Institute of political studies and political consultations.

According to the information presented in 2018, Ukraine is located at 118 in the United Arab Emirates took the 117 and Slovenia — 119. Analysts gave 120 place of Russia.

The primacy of human rights in the world belongs to New Zealand, in second place is Switzerland, then in the top five followed by Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.

The worst situation with human rights in Libya (158), Iraq (159), Yemen (160), Venezuela (161), Syria (162).

The researchers used data for 2008-2016, calculating the index based on 79 indicators of personal, social, and economic freedoms of the citizens of the States.

Recall that according to the state statistics service, the number of Ukrainians living below the poverty line, declined by 9.2 percent, but the income 33.9 percent of people (about 14 million people) is less than the actual subsistence level.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in January of this year, Ukraine in the international ranking Index of human freedom (The Human Freedom Index — HFI) was held by the 132-th place out of 159 countries in which the study was conducted.

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