Air pollution in Europe is much higher than the norm

Загрязнение воздуха в Европе значительно превышает нормы

The level of air pollution in Europe exceeds the standards of the world health organization.

The level of air pollution in Europe still exceed the norm and the EU and the world health organization (who).

This is stated in the report of the European Agency for environment (EEA), which was published on Monday, October 29, writes Ukrainian Pravda with reference to

The main sources of air pollution in Europe – cars, and agricultural activities, energy production, industry, and the activities of individual households.

The most harmful particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone concentration, despite the fact that the percentage of residents who fall under their influence is somewhat reduced, written by experts.

According to them, excess levels of particulates caused the premature death of about 422 thousand people in 41 countries of Europe in 2015, the impact of nitrogen dioxide then caused about 79 thousand, the ozone concentration is 17.7 thousands of premature deaths.

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