Alan Moore the writer of Watchmen and V For Vendetta releases his first film






It is one of the greatest storytellers in the business. Alan Moore has unveiled the first elements of its new cinema project.

His work colossal account among the most influential in recent decades, especially in the pop culture. Comic book writer, as significant as V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So many stories that continue to innervate the contemporary creation.

Alan Moore is also a writer, a passionate (or obsessed) by his hometown of Northampton, who has spent several literary texts, including one novel to the tunes of tower of Babel : Jerusalem. Bravura stylistic masterpiece, a dizzying, you are caused by here.


Alan Moore in The Show


For all that, the artist maintains complex reports with the cinema. The 7th Art has often brought his work to the screen, causing his disappointment and his anger. Precisely, Moore will finally directly address the cinoche, since he has signed his first original screenplay, that will put in scene Mitch Jenkins (already author of Show Pieces, little film skits with stories of Moore).

This feature film called The Show and will follow a detective, Fletcher Dennis, hired to get their hands on an artifact that was stolen. His investigation will confront the dangers of Northampton, among which ‘don Juan died of the sleeping beauties comateuses, gangsters, Voodoo, adventurers hidden, private, 30 years, and violent women in the clear-obscure “.

And if it doesn’t seem like a nebulous, about Alan Moore’s reported by Deadline, to accompany the first photo from the movie (the heart of which appears to the writer), should provide you with a good dose of curiosity.


Alan Moore


“With The Show, I wanted to apply to the cinema what I have learned as a narrator during my rich career. I wanted to see if it was possible to create a universe addictive and immersive without dialogue or characters utilities, a universe in which each protagonist is memorable, distinct, and willing to take the show to them, exactly as they would in real life.

I wanted to go back to approaches that are very old school of the cinema and discover, alongside Mitch Jenkins, what would happen if we connected to ideas very modern and state of the art techniques. I also wanted to make a film as radical and unstable, which is ridiculously sumptuous, touching and entertaining, the attraction authentically spectacular. “

We don’t know when will land The Show, but it tickles already. In the meantime, you can always read Jerusalem or pray for the Watchmen to Damon Lindelof to be a success.


First photo of Watchmen

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