Alaska chose the thickest bear

На Аляске выбрали самого толстого медведя

Laurels of the winner got the bear, nicknamed Badnews.

On 9 October the national Park and preserve Katmai in Alaska was the fifth annual contest Fat Bear Week, whose main goal is to choose a very heavy bear.

This year the laurels of the winner got the bear, nicknamed Badnews. Chose the thickest bear a very modern way – via Facebook.

First, the organizers of the contest Fat Bear Week published photos of the species (before and after weight gain) and then network users to determine their favourite via likes. Baby Beddows scored a whopping 6300 likes, leaving behind 11 their competitors.

“Our little one is still a few weeks to hunt salmon, before going to sleep, and fully enjoy your victory,” – say the staff of the Park Katmai.

Fat for bears is an important element that allows them to survive a six-month hibernation. The fact that the fat molecules contain six times more calories than carbohydrates. This provides the bears a burst of pure energy. So they can burn the reserves to stay gidratirovannykh and to keep the body warm.

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