Alaska judge poachers who killed the cubs and their mother

На Аляске судят браконьеров, убивших медвежат и их мать

Alaska judge poachers who killed the cubs and their mother

Author: Vadym Matus


Alaska poachers bears court

The female American black bear and her 2 cubs began the infamous “spoils” the 41-year-old Andrew Renner and his 18-year-old son Owen.

Knowing that animals are under the supervision of Service protection of wild animals of Alaska (Alaska State Troopers — AST), Renner went in April this year on the Isle of Esther hunt. The criminals managed to find thanks installed in the den camera. Now they are facing serious jail time for poaching and animal cruelty.

Unlike regular Rangers, the Alaskan “trooper” work as a normal police. In addition, the inhabitants of the island see the forest Service of the United States ( U.S. Forest Service) and the Department of hunting and fishing in Alaska (Alaska Department of Fish and Game). In the framework of ongoing research and has installed the video camera, capturing the wild behavior of modern man.

The poachers came on skis to the den, first killed the female American black bear, and after her cubs. The bear with two shots put Owen Renner, and his father killed the frightened cubs. And only after that Renery noticed on toddlers collars and recording device. Aware that they could face the bears, the hunters tore down the “bugs” and the dead kids got left at the den. On the audio you hear, as the son says to the father: “They will never be able to hang”.

2 days later poachers returned, the traces of the crime, in particular to remove from the corpses of bear ammo. April 30, 2018 Andrew Renner came to fishing and hunting to register prey — the bear, however, stated that there were no bears when it was not. At the time of the crime his son was 17 years old. Currently, Renner is a senior accused of falsifying evidence, poaching, illegal transportation of production, involvement of a minor to commit a crime and nastastie the investigation.

Baibolov, they’re black bears live in North America, and hunting is permitted. Only on the island of ester were observed about 20 Baibolov.

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