Alaska recorded a massive invasion of walrus

На Аляске зафиксировали массовое нашествие моржей

On the banks of one of the city counted more than a thousand animals.

The residents of the village of Port Heiden, which is in Alaska, I was surprised when I saw on the shore many walruses, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

About a fortnight ago John Christensen, Jr., President of the tribal Council Port-Hayden – was discovered pack animals, consisting of hundreds of individuals. A little later, in 32 km from the settlement were found a group of walruses a little more: there were already more than a thousand animals.

Thousands of walruses surrounded the village on the Alaska

The event was significant: before on the beach, people saw a maximum of 2-3 walrus, so the appearance of the huge size of the pack is interested in how ordinary citizens and journalists.

The expert of service of protection of fish resources and wild animals of America Joel Garlich-Miller said that the walrus is likely looking for new places to eat.

Usually marine animals swim to the shore of Bristol Bay, it’s two hundred kilometers from Port-Hayden.

На Аляске зафиксировали массовое нашествие моржей

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