Alcohol consumption: the Board of Ethics denounces the Little Frog

The Ethical Council of the Quebec alcoholic beverage industry received 20 complaints in 2017, including one for a licensed establishment located in Sherbrooke.
It has indeed been criticized for the Little Frog to promote excessive consumption disguised as social responsibility. Under the pretext of fighting against impaired driving, the P’tite Grenouille de Sherbrooke installed breathalyzers at the exit of the establishment by inviting its customers to “fart” higher every night.
According to Claude B?land, president of the Conseil d’?thique, cross-promotions to smoothly circumvent the minimum price for beer now seem to be the norm. “Producers, Four Loko and FuckdUp in the lead, have competed with each other to be on the fringes of the legislation. Bars push indecency to disguise events promoting excessive consumption in acts of social responsibility while the state remains totally indifferent to this scandalous situation, “notes the organization in a press release.

“In eleven years of existence, there has certainly been tremendous progress, but we are seeing more than ever also setbacks that can certainly be attributed in large part to the Quebec government, whose indifference, laxity and the lack of sensitivity to problems related to alcohol allow all drifts and justify the unjustifiable. It is deplorable that the first person in charge of our collective life neglects at this point to do the minimum that can be expected; to enforce the spirit as the letter of its laws, failing to adopt those whose need is screaming, “said Mr. B?land.
In 2017, the Ethics Council processed 20 complaints from 28 individuals and organizations, a significant increase over 2015, while 11 complaints from 13 individuals and organizations were reviewed.

“Two aspects may explain this sharp increase in the number of complaints. The first is that, more than ever, some stakeholders like to play with and bypass legislation, which is bad news. The second is that the population is more sensitive to unethical behavior, which is good news, “commented Mr. B?land.
The Ethics Council of Quebec’s alcoholic beverage industry released its eleventh annual report on industry practices in the area of ??alcohol communication, marketing and promotion. He indicates that 2017 has been one of all excesses.
Nevertheless, the light appears at the end of the tunnel and several signs can hope for an improvement for the future.
Positive initiatives are starting to emerge. The Council welcomes two of them that have been brought to its attention and sees some very encouraging signs. The Conseil quotes the microbrasserie Siboire, which, although it was blamed in 2010 for encouraging excessive consumption, is now promoting moderate and responsible consumption.
He also highlights the efforts of the Metro grocery chain, which, while resorting to cross-promotion to circumvent the minimum price of beer, has decided on its own to no longer sell the Loko Oven. and FckdUp, two products strongly criticized by the Council.
“These initiatives bring hope. They are not the only ones, and there are certainly citizens and organizations everywhere who are aware of the need to put ethics at the heart of our collective life, “says the organization.

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