Alela Diane, mother enchanting

Alela Diane, m?re enchanteuse

PARIS — “Oh! she is going to have a child, his career is over…”: Alela Diane has heard this type of remarks when it was looking for a new label, but not enough to discourage folk singer american, now mom, who is back in grace with the album Cusp.

This sixth album which will be available on Friday, the title of which means to be on the edge of something, is that of motherhood more of a title for the Californian 34-year-old, who has designed, among the births of his two daughters, Vera, 4 years old, and Oona, 11 months.

The singer, revealed in 2006 with her first album The Pirate’s Gospel, knows at what point this change in the existence of a woman can be “damaging” professionally.

“Pregnant with Vera, I was looking for a new company,” she says. The fact of my pregnancy, it seemed obvious that some people were not interested. It is a reality. This is discrimination hard to live.”

“This argument that we might not be able to hold the commitments of a tour, this is not acceptable. Of course, the tours will be shorter, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen,” says Alela Diane with a determination in the gaze that contrasts with the softness of his voice.

“A woman who has children will move away from its youth. The freshness of the leaves. It is difficult to pursue his career in the music industry when you are a mother of a family. But it is possible,” said the mother.

The evidence of this disc, Cusp, ready since a year, but that she took the time to start. “At the time of initiating the mixing, I had to give birth in emergency. Oona is coming into the world premature. The priority was to take care of it”, sheds light on it.

Of passage in Paris in early February to ensure the promotion, it says that it costs to have left his daughters at her home in Portland. There she experiences the situation as it was feared to live in Albatross, the song that opens the album.

Clip tender and intimate

Leave the home sometimes proved necessary in the gestation of this new drive. After two years in the care of Vera, she is part of a three-week artistic residence in Caldera. Far from civilization, in the mountains of Oregon.

“Motherhood is a thing intense, it spends all of her time. I really need to find myself single, for me better focus on my work without distraction. Having grown up in the countryside, I’ve not really been disturbed by the conditions,” says the artist.

A nail of a thumb broken in the cleaning down of the snow will prevent him from playing his guitar: “A happy accident”, she smiled. “There was this piano at the reception of the residence. So, I spent two hours a day and thus I was able to compose a few songs on it.” Result delicate beading, such as Ether and Wood or Moves us Blind.

California is gone to the end of its approach and the theme of the Cusp in transposing images the intimacy of his words, appearing with Oona in the soft clip d’Emigrated. With its French title, this song on the drama of the refugees he was inspired by the terrible photograph of Aylan, this child of the syrian failed without living on a beach in turkey in 2015.


Just as beautiful and touching, Never Easy evokes the complex relationship that binds Alela Diane to her own mother.

“My maternity leave has helped me to better understand some of the things. My mother has often repeated that I was a difficult child because I was crying all the time. My eldest daughter is like that. And it is very hard to manage. For a long time I misjudged my mother, I reprochais not to take care of me. When Vera was born, I felt for the first time maternal love. And I finally understood that my mother loved me more than I loved her.”

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