Alert – terrorist Attack in New Zealand: at least 49 dead in two shootings at mosques

Alerte - Attentat terroriste en Nouvelle-Zélande: au moins 49 morts dans deux fusillades de mosquées

Two mosques were attacked on Friday, march 15, at Christchurch in New Zealand. One or more individuals were shot at point-blank range on muslims that came out of the prayer. Children have been killed. The provisional toll was 49 dead. The trail of terrorism from the extreme right has been advanced.

New Zealand is in shock. This Friday morning, the day of prayer for the muslims, two mosques have been the target of violent shootings. A first official toll spoke of at least 40 dead and about twenty wounded. Balance sheet, which could be even higher: there were nearly 300 people inside of religious buildings.

11:00 am: Mike Bush, the commissioner of police in new zealand, has made the point on those in custody (who were four in number shortly after the facts). A person who finally had no link with the terrorist attack has been released. The other two are still in custody.

A 28 year old male was indicted for murder. The different elements reported by the local press suggest that it would be well Brenton Tarrant.

10.45 am: The terrorist attack has also made 48 wounded, several are in serious condition.

10h36: Two mosques were attacked on Friday in Christchurch. The police confirmed that 41 people had been killed in the mosque Al-Noor, on the Deans Ave near Hagley Park. Seven people have been slaughtered in the mosque of Linwood. The 49th victim is a person who has succumbed to his injuries.


Alerte - Attentat terroriste en Nouvelle-Zélande: au moins 49 morts dans deux fusillades de mosquées

10:25 am: Emmanuel Macron has expressed through a tweet, and has condemned any form of extremism.

10: 16: Christophe Castaner announced that it had asked the prefects French to strengthen security around places of worship.

10h05: Mike Bush, commissioner of police, revealed that a man, who had been placed in police custody, had been indicted for murder. He indicated that he was a person of twenty years. Without specifying whether it was Brenton Tarrant which we do not know, for the time being, if he is among those arrested.

9h52: The shootings took place around 13: 40 local time. There are 12 hours difference between France and New Zealand. This occurs before 2 o’clock in the morning on Friday, French time.

9h38: The investigators are studying all the tracks and think that other people could be involved in this double attack of mosques. In addition, the police also stated that an individual in custody had not, perhaps, in the end, nothing to do with the facts.

9h25: The local police has clarified that one of four persons in police custody, a man will appear tomorrow, Saturday, for the murders. But at this stage, no confirmation has been given about the arrest or neutralization of Brenton Tarrant, the main suspect of the terrorist attack.

9: 10: A latest report human reports of 49 deaths.

8h58: the alleged perpetrator of The terrorist attack is an Australian 28-year-old, who is called Brenton Tarrant. He is known in his country for being a terrorist extremist right-wing and violent”.

Read here his profile: bomb Attack in New Zealand: who is Brenton Tarrant the suspected terrorist right-wing

8:45 am: The prime minister of New Zealand said at his press conference that the four people in custody were not included on any file of the police.

8: 33 a.m: An emergency number has been set up for parents of children who participated in a march for the climate in the vicinity of the sites of the attack.

8: 27: Christchurch has been placed in a state of siege. The authorities have in fact put the alert level of security in “high”. Public buildings have been closed.

8h18: The prime minister of new zealand Jacinda Ardern referred to a bombing in front of the press: “It is clear that one can only describe this as a terrorist attack. For all we know, the attack seems to have been well planned”.

The authorities have also advanced in the track of the terrorism of the extreme right. According to the first elements presented to the public, it might even be a terrorist massacre thoroughly prepared.

There would have been multiple shooters. One of them even filmed these horrors and was streamed live on Facebook.

The police has arrested four persons, possibly in connection with these attacks: three men and a woman.

A suspect is an Australian known for his membership in his country a sphere of influence of the extreme right particularly violent.

The forces of order have also had to defuse a number of explosives found on board of vehicles of those arrested individuals.