Alert – Twitter down: many bugs on the social network this Tuesday

Alerte - Twitter down: de nombreux bugs sur le réseau social ce mardi

The social network Twitter seems to have many bugs on Tuesday 5 and is sometimes inaccessible for its users. The reasons for these errors have not yet been revealed, but have already some users.

What happens this Tuesday, 5 while the social network Twitter knows some failures? The firm has not yet resolved the issue and users are already starting to be very annoyed.

By the time, the site of the social network of the blue bird is inaccessible, what get excited over a.

It would seem that a new update is at the origin of this failure, at least according to a few users who are no longer able to access their notifications from the day.

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Similarly, some complain that their subscribers will not be able to see their publications on their home page, more commonly referred to as “TL”.

In mid-January, the social network had already alerted its users who have an account “private”, that they would no longer benefit from this protection. For a few hours, people do not want their publications to be public no longer have been protected.

The bug was quickly fixed by Twitter, but thousands of users may have been affected.

This Tuesday, the situation is still confusing and the site is accessible intermittently, error notification and publication are certainly still to be expected in a few hours.

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