Alexander Sokurov said that the FSB is listening on his phone

Александр Сокуров сообщил, что ФСБ прослушивает его телефон

Thursday, December 6, world-renowned Russian Director Alexander Sokurov (pictured in the header) in Facebook has confirmed reports that his Foundation is “an Example of intonation” is checked by law enforcement. “Indeed, some months there is a review of financial activities of the Fund. First it was the usual routine check, which are all similar to us organizations. And then, the police received a denunciation from a former employee of the Fund. This man took a lot of money in the Fund and I have, unfortunately, returned them neither there nor me” — written by Sokurov.

The Director also said that “the decision of a private court,” the FSB is listening on his phone.“If I am in the view of the intelligence threat to the state of man, then why is the President signs a decree to introduce me to the Board of human rights? Where is the logic?” — Sokurov said.

According to the Director, behind him began to follow closely after in 2016, he appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to release Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. The President replied that he was not convicted for creativity, and for terrorism, and to release the need to “ready” prerequisites.

Noncommercial Fund of support of cinematography “an Example of intonation” 2013. The organization helps young filmmakers and debutants.

The name of the person who wrote the denunciation, he did not name. It is known that investigators of the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg invited the Director of the Fund Nikolai Yankina and its partners to testify.

Alexander Sokurov took a globally recognized masterpieces “Mournful loss of consciousness”, “Save and protect”, “Moloch”, “Taurus”, “Sun”, “Russian ark”, “Faust”, “La Francophonie”.

We will remind, about also began a high-profile case of embezzlement of budget funds by the theatrical management Association “the Seventh Studio”. As a result, more than a year under house arrest is another well-known Russian film Director Kirill Serebrennikov.

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