Alexandre Dionne will go to the Canadian Baseball Championships

A member of the Pee-wee AA Regional Team, Alexandre Dionne has been selected to represent Quebec at the 13th and Under Canadian Baseball Championships, August 22-25 in Repentigny.
The anchor also evolves at the front and at the position of receiver, Alexandre Dionne still has not suffered the defeat in a dozen starts, both in the competitive baseball league of the region of Quebec regional level A with the Saint-Honoré team. He was very ungenerous against the Quebec teams with four victories. Moreover, at bat, he averages over 400.

His coach, Billy Bilodeau, says he’s doing better in the regional circuit. It is not a surprise to see him with the Quebec team. “It’s a launcher out of the ordinary. He throws balls on average at 68-69 miles an hour. Wherever he goes, he attracts people’s attention. He’s a solid slugger too. He’s a very, very good hitter, “says Billy Bilodeau, comparing him to Philippe Goulet, who also wore Quebec’s colors at the 2016 Canadian pee-wee championships, and is playing this season with the regional Midget AAA squad.

“It’s still rewarding when you see players that you’ve been running since they started baseball who achieve that. This is a good position for us at the provincial level when we are able to develop young people as well, “says Billy Bilodeau.

In the preliminary round, Quebec will play Prince Edward Island, BC, Alberta and Ontario 2. The top two positions in each group will advance to the semi-finals.