“Alexandria” stopped “Karpaty” victory “Stars” and “Chernomorets”

«Александрия» остановила «Карпаты», победы «Звезды» и «Черноморца»

Completed three matches of the 29th round of the championship of Ukraine on football.

“Star” in the second half put the squeeze on the “Olympic” and greatly increased their chances of preservation of a place in the Premier League. The main hero of the match was Alex Chichikov, who first assisted on Sergei Petrov, and then slotted home a cross from Paul Polehenko.

Zvezda — Olimpik 2:0Голы: Petrov, 64, Chichikov, 75

Alexandria scored a strong win in the away match against Karpaty and not let the “white-green” for the first time in 25 years to win five consecutive matches in the championship of Ukraine. Nesterov’s early goal before the break responded BANADA, and in the second half Sitalo sold out one on one with the goalkeeper of FC Karpaty.

Carpathians – Alexandria 1:2Голы: Nesterov, 4 – BANADA, 35, Sitalo, 52

In the battle of the main outsiders of the Premier League “Chernomorets” beat “Steel” and left the last place of the standings. The logical outcome of the match would be a draw, but the final assault “Become” masters of success have not brought.

Steel — Chernomorets 1:2Голы: Klimchuk, 22 — Tretyakov, 25, Bobko, 66

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