Alfa Romeo will change the “filling” of the 8C sports car

Alfa Romeo изменит "начинку" спорткара 8C

To the first “hundred” car Alfa Romeo 8C acceleration takes 3.0 seconds.According to insider information, the composition of the hybrid installation will include 6-cylinder gasoline engine working together with an all-electric motor, total capacity will amount to 800 “horses”, reports the with reference to

Reborn hybrid sports car Alfa Romeo 8C will be built from carbon fiber monokokka. Most likely, the circulation of new items will not exceed 1,000 copies.

It is worth saying that the company’s strategy is the revival of Alfa Romeo GTV, which will be a two-door sedan version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The car will be equipped with 6-cylinder 2.9-liter unit and the system elektronabava, so that the motor will be able to produce more than 600 horsepower.

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